parenthood approaches–take 2

My son is good at setting up in a new home, which either is lucky or the direct result of his being moved from one house to another four times in 17 years. He arrives in halifax tomorrow night, and I am having strange echoes of setting up his bedroom a literal lifetime ago, in the days before he was born.

This time, the odds are both better and worse: I now know what he needs/wants in order to settle at once and what needs to be left for him to put together after his arrival; on the other hand, a teenager about to leave his parents’ home is a whole lot pickier than a newborn about absolutely everything from colour to quality of available online access….

On and off I’ve been asked if Bob and I plan to deliver the kid to college next month, a rite of passage I know many North American families undertake with their freshmen. Since we didn’t even accompany him to his first season at sleep away camp, back when he was eight, there was no chance of a nod to this upcoming leave-taking being chaperoned.

But first, he has to get here. This year’s camp season ended yesterday, as did his first go as a full fledged staff member there. The plan from Mendocino to Halifax seems to include a side trip to Palo Alto last night, Berkeley tonight, and a Monday full of crossed fingers that all plane connections run smoothly.

It’s all different from his viewpoint, of course: lots of good-byes, both to people and places, a last minute sort through what goes in which suitcase and where to abandon his pocket change (a trait he inherited from his father), the first all-out session he’ll have had online for a month (camp isn’t well wired, nor should it be), and then a day aloft that might seem interminable given the bittersweet of leaving and the fact that he’s not going to be arriving at a destination of his particular choosing.

Such is life: something old, something new.


2 Responses to “parenthood approaches–take 2”

  1. carole Says:

    Re pocket change, I’m honored 😉

  2. halifaxing Says:

    So he left it with you? Thank goodness he’s outgrown throwing it away in a mad dash to “clean up.”

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