A day at IASL

The keynote speech to kick off the International Association of School Librarians meeting hit a high mark right from the get-go:  Stephen Krashen dedicated it to Peet’s Coffee. And then he dedicated his coffee drinking career to his mother: “who spent all ehr days trying to stay awake and her nights trying to stay asleep.”  he now is “drinking all the coffee she denied herself.”

This internationally renowned expert on reading and linguistic acquisition then went on to report that there are three activities that shown, by research,m to keep us young:  bilingualism, reading and coffee. His prescription, then, for eternal youth is to sit in Starbucks reading a French novel, thereby addressing all three at once.

While the remainder of the morning had much seriousness in it, all was easier absorbed, the itnellectual lines having been thoroughly cleared by humour.

After lunch at Rick and Ann’s, where I hadn’t eaten in at least a dozen years and probably more (and it remains just as excellent as memory promised), Mary Burkey and I did our audiobook dog and pony show and had tremendous fun with that.  We also had quite a crowd by IASL standards–more than 25 in an audience that wanted to ask questions, offer info, and were attentive.

All in all, a successful librarian day–with jokes!


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