Hot dogs

Do folks in Berkeley take their dogs for longer, or more circuitous, walks than people do here? I remember seeing the same dogs–and there are a lot of dogs being walked in Berkeley–cruising a variety of far flung (relatively) neighbourhoods there, while here, a five-block move on my part has constituted a wholly different dogscape. Or is it the weather?

The dogs I saw regularly while living in my apartment to the south were large: a couple of golden retrievers, a pair of pretty big terriers, and so forth. In my new immediate surroundings, the pair (well, at least they are still being walked in pairs!) is composed of slightly edgy dachshunds (short-haired). They seem to be ruffled by half the folks they pass on the sidewalk, but ignore me. And the terriers and retrievers have disappeared. Gone north for the summer, while the hot dogs moved south?


One Response to “Hot dogs”

  1. flotsam Says:

    If I lived down your way, I’d be walking my pup straight to Point Pleasant Park every chance I got… good squirrel chasing if nothing else…

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