And a hard rain’s gonna–continue to–fall

Although we had a reprieve today, the sky looked bruised and anxious to dump more water.  In parts of Nova Scotia, yesterday’s rainfall equalled and surpassed rainfall for the typical July as a month.  Locally, it wasn’t quite so dramatic, but 40-80 mm is still plenty of rain.

But it’s still quite warm, as much as 10 degrees warmer than the Bay Area. I think of all the folks out there who presumed we were moving to the Great White North.  And I had to chuckle on behalf of what the locals would think had they heard Bob expostulate on Monday–after a night of hard rain followed by a morning of the same–that the weather here is “just like California.”  Each place has its myths about the extremes of the other.

The moving process is playing havoc with my telecommunications again.  I have little access at home, for lack of desk or table top, and only have recently gained a place to sit (Fred’s bed) on which to balance the laptop.  By the weekend, however, I hope to have my “real” computer moved because it will have a surface on which to land.  Unless the rain keeps me from the dragging that precious “imported” monitor down the street….


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