The wheels–and conversation–on the bus

We are having wet, wet weather, with a tropical storm headed our way.  I can’t imagine how much wetter it can get, so imagine it will bring more of my least favorite weather form:  wind.

Yesterday morning, still uncertain where my rubber boots might be amid the boxes, I surrendered my necessary morning walk and took the bus. It being the off-season university-wise, the Dartmouth-bound route brought a fairly empty vehicle; anyone wanting a solo seat on which to drip with abandon could ahve it.  However, directly behind me, were two middle aged men in deep conversation.

The topic was cleaning.  The aisle-side guy was offering a catalogue of sage advice on how to efficiently scrape down windows, showers, and tubs.  It became quickly apparent that the two were headed toward what was to be the window-side fellow’s first day as a cleaner.  Aisle-side went through about seven stages of induction:  explanation, boasting, complaining, begrudging, and so forth, as he thought aloud through how window-side guy’s presence at the same workplace would be both a help and a hindrance. It was a momentary flash on border politics….


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