From nothing to everything

The van arrived yesterday (a mere 3 weeks after leaving Berkeley!) and the house is now a minefield of boxes, upended bed rails, and tipping cartons marked “fragile”.  Bob managed to preserve Fred’s bedroom as a relatively unstacked oasis and he had unbuilt, by the time I got home from work last evening, the walls of crates the movers left at the doorway of each bathroom.  I found and unpacked the boxes of groceries he wanted to cart here and now see that we ahve cornered the canned tuna market in the Maritimes.  We also have a year’s supply of jams, miso soup, and–really oddly–maple syrup.

The 56-page ennumeration of “settlers goods” that Bob had authored apparently was of little ultimate concern at Customs. However, Big Dan the Moving Man reported a 15-hour wait at the border in order to get the van, which contained Bob’s car, inspected.

Now comes the digging out.  But, with the Adirondack chairs already set–and empty–in the garden, at least we can sit between bouts of lifting, shifting, and shelving.


4 Responses to “From nothing to everything”

  1. Pamela Holley Says:

    Yeah–I’m sharing with others that you now have furniture. We’ll be there on the 20th! Ha ha

  2. Mary Burkey Says:

    And there’s still time for a summertime reunion of the Sisterhood of the Best Committee Ever! Congrats on finally becoming truly settlers rather than squaters – settle yourselves in those Adirondack chairs and pop open a nice cold Martello Stout for me.

  3. Sharon Grover Says:

    How wonderful! Happy unpacking — it’s pretty exciting to reunite with stuff you’d forgotten you had. Be sure to take lots of evening breaks in those Adirondack chairs.

  4. halifaxing Says:

    Cheers! We got chairs, too!

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