Three cheers for a dated website

Bob has been on this move like white on rice and the moving company collected all our household possessions, like clockwork, on June 26.  While the road to Nova Scotia, from Berkeley, is long, it ain’t that long with the aid of the internal combustion engine.  On July 12, we checked progress via the website the movers ahd offered and panicked jsut a bit to see that the driver had last updated the day before–at Reno, NV.

When the same “update” appared today, we moved from the “convenient” web page to a phone call.  Only the 800 number was a US-specific one so that didn’t pan out.  Happily, there is a local arm of the movers and they were on the case as soon as it was presented.  Resulting good news: the web site has jsut foundered and, in fact, we might see chairs and dishes by the coming weekend.

In the meantime, we haven’t been living rough so much as living strange:  we have a mattress and a park bench, the latter left by the former owners on the back deck and decrepit enough that moving it indoors doesn’t seem prudent.  Luckily, rain hasn’t lasted for more than a few hours at a time, so we can usually get in some bench sitting before going prone.  We have a surfeit of 3-oz (yes, they are sold in ounce, rather than mililtre, size) paper cups–handy for multiple servings of orange juice but a bit gross for wine.  And we have not one, but two, corkscrews, a brand new vacuum cleaner, and, as of alst evening, the world’s largest kitchen sponge.

So, some fairly bland stuff in between–a chest of drawers, a broom, glass tumblers–will be oh so welcome when they roll home.


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