Several months ago, the Daily News went under overnight and was replaced by a freebie paper that is semi-tailored for several Canadian cities,   My prejudices about free newspapers date from before the Daily Planet, back to when the Tab spun off various weeklies throughout New England.  That was so long ago!  Back when newspaper wars were made and lost in paper!

Anyway, the Daily News‘ replacement is handed out on the street and I never collect it and read only what I see in passing–which I have plenty of opportunity to do as other passengers leave them in the ferry and coworkers read particularly salient bits aloud. Today’s was so rich that I may become a convert after all, trading in one prejudice for another. To wit: how geographically challenged ARE my fellow countrymen?

The piece catalogues some of the remarkably inept queries lodged here: are those islands in Halifax Harbour Newfoundland and PEI? are Titanic victims buried in the mound the rest of us see as Citadel Hill? And my personal favorite: Do people live in Halifax year round?

It is a vast relief to live somewhere that doesn’t think of itself as the centre of the universe.  And now I am being smug–which is even worse than being clueless-by-choice.


2 Responses to “Ignorance”

  1. Jackie Says:

    When we were in Alaska, one of our tour guides told us that she was often asked “Do many Americans live in Alaska?” and was told that she spoke English very well.

  2. Sandy Says:

    The daughter of a friend once worked at a seaside restaurant in Santa Cruz, from the windows of which one could see the Monterey peninsula off on the horizon. Tourists occasionally would ask her, in all seriousness, whether that land in the distance was Hawaii or Japan.

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