Guns ‘n’ idols

Halifax is the kind of place where local news and persons get into and stay in local conversations on the street.  In other words:  they don’t care how you do it in New York.


As much as four days ago, someone started painting a large sign on the side of an old (abandoned?) house on South Park, imploring all to vote for Mitch.  It took me a couple days to remember to track down the reference and no sooner than I’d done that, then full colour posters had been plastered on utility poles, explaining all. Good thing I’d done independent research and can read posters fast because no sooner were the psoters up than I saw a woman trolling the neighbourhood,, ripping them down.  Jilted by Mitch?  Opposed to posted bills?  

Early, early on Saturday (what those of us who go to bed before midnight might call Friday night), a man was shot in a nightclub on Spring Garden Road.  The neighbourhood uproar on this matter is both more muted and as continuous. Yesterday morning, cops had the corner still cordoned, much to the upset of the producers of the annual Atlantic Jazz Festival, the kick-off parade for which was set for the same spot yesterday afternoon.

Another day later, and folks are happily dancing in the street (although not Martha Vandella style), chalking portraits of Buddha–and still worrying aloud on their front porches about the shot they heard in the night.


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