It’s a spankingly brilliant day, with an undercurrent of breeze that keeps the sunshine from heating one’s skin.  Fred and I pulled bob away from packing long enough that Fred could show off his driving skills and we could all take a walk around Tilden.

Ending up at Jewel Lake, we saw seven fair-sized turtles sunning on a log, with two smaller ones balanced on the nearby WPA-era concrete wall that would offer a waterfall in wet weather.  Further along the track–it’s too wide to be called a trail–there were three young bucks, so accustomed to people that we got close enough to see that their noses shone with wet.

After about 45 minutes, we tuned back at the lip of Wildcat Canyon which, today, has a new and appropos sign warning of a very recent sighting of a wildcat and her cub.

We reminisced without getting into each other’s way:  Bob recalling runs he made through the area 25-30 years ago, Fred recalling the terror he felt of wildcats when he was three and we would take family hikes, I a picnic supper bob and I had at Jewel Lake the month before Fred was born. They’ve each been there more recently than I, but the large number of turtles surprised everyone.

Outbound, we took the boardwalk path through the undergrowth but there no squirrels or birds in evidence.  We did see a yellow butterfly–too light to be a monarch, I think.

In short a Sunday idyll….


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