I didn’t come all this way to not tell you to eat

Okay, I have discovered something that I cannot do:  I cannot not tell my son to have some “real food” at some point between his playing frisbee all day and going to graduation exercises all night.  Lord knows, I tried to keep my mouth shut, but….

It’s a big day–or not–for several segments of Berkeley:  Code Pink and some Pro-Troop folks were having a standoff by the marine Recruiting office this morning–but way more Berkeley police cars were on hand than civilians anxious to make statements on either side.  Union negotiations for City workers are scheduled to go “24 hours round the clock” from 5 pm today, although neither side seems to have determined if there are issues to be resolved.  Berkeley High’s graduation starts at 5:30 but no one at my house can find clothes other than jeans and t-shirts, or enthusiasm for a four-hour ceremony, although everyone seems to be quite cheerful about the fact that the evening must be spent ceremoniously.

All of which would seem to indicate that we’ve become too blase for either local or global good. So, back to the one chord I seem to be able to hit like a pro:  for goodness sakes, have a sandwich before we leave.  And yes, bob is channeling his own father with the response: and throw a sweater in the back just in case….


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