Hot and light headed in Berkeley

I don’t want to become a Berkeley basher, really.  Not only is that easy but it’s cheap and unfair.  BUT…I am getting a large dose of local self-satisfaction that could set my teeth on edge if I weren’t so wifty from tiredness, excitement, and the heat (an unusual “weather snap”). So I’ll concentrate on the positives here….


Seeing friends has been very good.  Vi is all about today’s party for the Vera Casey crowd.  I ran into Dean right after his very last high school final and got invited to Maybeck‘s graduation next week.  Both of those were good and happy Berkeley events.  Then I went by to check on Todd’s well being and found Comic Relief to be humming and new books that both Todd and Yul wanted to make sure to show me.

The neighbors’ cherry tree is in full fruit, quite possibly the most beautiful sight seasonally in the backyard here–shiny green leaves, ruby globes, against the blue sky.

I am tired of smarmy jokes about living in the frozen north.

But to keep my perspective, I need only get whiplash from my son’s choice of song to play VERY LOUDLY when he got home from his last day of high school:  Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out,” which, oddly, was new all those years ago when I was finishing high school.


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