Taking notes

Things are speeding up a bit as projects both at work and on the home front slide into high gear. When this happens, I try to keep my proverbial ducks in a row by taking notes. My handwriting is mostly illegible but the actual exercise of pen against paper seems to seal some loose brain cells in place.

Each major project requires, for my wit’s sake, a small notebook. For the past five or six years I’ve been using Clairefontaines for the most part; these come in various sizes (including varying amounts of sheets in ones of different and the same dimension) and a small group of really scary colors like chartreuse and apricot. My friend Pam teases me about these notebooks (kindly, gently, as ever Pam is).

At present I have one being filled front to back with one project (the house) and also back to front (my son’s various visa needs). I used to care about what kind of pen I used, but that was when I was young and disposed to cutting an image. Instead, now I collect pens in hotel rooms and fill in between times with the most basic of Bics. My mother would be pleased. (She would be less pleased that they no longer cost 19 cents each as did the first one she bought at Nudo’s corner store, in about 1963.)

One aspect of the grocery and drug stores here that confound me still is that I cannot buy small notebooks in either. This means I must be careful to leave home prepared for note taking, even if I have no idea what will happen to create the immediate need. However, to date, I have not become so obsessed as to write myself notes about remembering the notebook. Yet.


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