Visual stimulation

Walking down my street this afternoon, my field of vision at what is usually skyline above the apartment building at the nexus of Barrington and Inglis was instead the giant cruise ship that turned out to be Cunard’s Queen Mary 2, suitably docked close enough to appear to be at the Cunard Centre. The ship’s hugeness defies scale in my mind–not just the decks and decks of glassy staterooms, but the orange stack that looks like it could swallow the whole Province.

Earlier, and at the microlevel to this macro-sight, I happened through Sobey’s immediate neighborhood in time to come across a large and noisy gathering at the supermarket’s door. It seemed to involve canned music and green balloons and was inexplicable and dense enough that I didn’t try to pass through in search of something as simple as my grocery list. Instead, I cut through the parking lot and saw a North American license plate so wildly over-designed that I actually studied it to figure out its provenance. This seems to run counter intuitive to identification, to have to get up close and stare in order to suss it out.

Several prom-themed visions popped into view as the day went along as well. On Spring Garden Road, young women were trucking about in spaghetti-strapped gold gowns, while a stretch gold limo was parked back on Barrington. In an accidental tip of the hat to Berkeley High’s prom weekend, there was even a grocery cart, parked near Barrington’s Tim Horton’s, which had been macramaed from stem to stern with red and gold yarn.

In spite of the cloud cover, I clearly need blinders today.


One Response to “Visual stimulation”

  1. mitchellirons Says:

    your red-and-gold grocery cart has been observed all about town. observe:

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