New bibliogora record

Across the past our or five years, I’ve visited about 80 library buildings, ranging from Fresno, California, to Laugharne, Wales, and London to Seattle.  In the past 48 hours, I’ve managed to pack in eight, my new record for short time viewing, and complete with shooting pix, noting finishes, and quizzing total strangers about what works and what doesn’t and why.  It’s a bit liberating–like getting to be old enough to see that your teachers are actually people rather than either demigods or monsters.

Because they’ve been the means for reaching these libraries, there’s appeared a corollary track of cab drivers–salt to the bread, so to speak.  Friendly, overall a wittier bunch than in many cities (in my equally broadbased taxi riding experience), and highly visible reminders of the multiethnic reality of modern Canada.

Sewing together these two experiences–with all the lack of delicacy of rawhide lashings–I’m being drilled on some basic tenets of national history, kind of at the Washington-cutting-the-cherry-tree (-or-not) level.  If not rejuvenated, I should be feeling juvenilized….but instead I am realizing I can swim.


One Response to “New bibliogora record”

  1. mitchellirons. Says:

    this post is very interesting.

    i spent some of my undergraduate years at the Univ. of Toronto, and can remember finding creative ways to procrastinate by creating a photographic record of the school’s many libraries (as well as the TPL library at College and Spadina). Those photos have since been lost to time, but your note makes me reminisce about my time spent in those spaces before moving on to other locals. Right now, I’m visualizing the libraries as geographic markers or spaces in my own life that should be recorded and acknowledged once more..

    If you are still in Toronto, do make a point to check out the Hart House library at the heart of the UofT campus (excuse the pun). It is truly a nice little spot to lose yourself in.

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