Latvian charm

The 1,000 Latvians in town for the International Ice Hockey Federation’s 2008 championship games have become adopted in what seems to me to be an unusual outpouring of warmth for Come From Aways (because they are not Staying?). Not only are there the fans from Riga but a host of Latvian-Canadians as well, some wondering publicly whether to don maroon and white (Latvia) or red and white (Canada).

Latvians, we are all learning, have a fondness for large drums. A small band of drummers has popped up hither and yon (or is it a number of small drumming corps spread out around HRM?). Last Friday afternoon, in the rain, a posse of them drummed by along Alderney Drive, turning in at the Celtic Corner, not exactly the first place I’d think would host an Eastern European contingent. But then, what do I know about sports?

Flags, too, are popping up. The Marriott, on Hollis Street, which typically flies North American and Western European flags, had its display refreshed this morning: the flags of hockey team countries competing this week are in full sprout. So, while Canada, Germany and the US remain on display, they are now in the company of Finland and Slovenia–and Latvia.

The whole event has had the rather shocking effect of making me mildly curious about watching a hockey game. This from someone who passes out at the mere suggestion that baseball, football, or basketball might be set before her eyes for more than one long minute. I’m sure it’s the Latvian angle…which begs the question: what’s in that charm?


One Response to “Latvian charm”

  1. Jackie Says:

    When did the pod people arrive and what have they done with Francisca?

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