Neither my headcold nor my disposition was improved by a fruitless trek to a shopping mall today, all in aid of finding–somewhere, but apparently nowhere here–a garment bag, etc., with which to store my winter clothes. The shopping center is markedly better lit than Hilltop Mall, so no fear of the outing turning me into an axe murderer, but it was hardly cheerful. My fellow bus passengers were all moody and openly communicative about their sour feelings:

-A little girl kicked the bus shelter with her pink boot no matter how many times her mother–who was smoking until she squashed the cigarette against the “no smoking” sign on the shelter–ordered her to stop.

-Behind me on the eastbound bus home, one passenger was running down her resume for a second one, between complaints about doing the type of work she does. Her companion was clearly uninterested and had her own conversational gambits on offer in return, which consisted largely of speculations about the fire that had been caused by a fish tank on Spring Garden Road last week.

-A young father offered to cuff his three-year-old–who stopped whatever mischief had invited the threat–while his wife told the same child that his behaviour threatened a promised trip to the library.

And the rain spat with neither energy nor softness.


3 Responses to “Cold”

  1. sarai. Says:

    Sorry to hear your trip was fruitless AND un-fun.

    On a brighter note, if it turns out that no shops sell garment bags anymore, it’s getting to be garage-sale season. Seems to me you might find some used.

  2. Marg Says:

    Try here:

    or if that link doesn’t work in your browser, just go to and search for garment bag. I’m sure they have many different options for pick-up or delivery that should work for you.

  3. halifaxing Says:

    Thank you both! Clearly, I should have asked for help here sooner and kept my cold at home! problem now completely solved!

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