Another sign of seasonal change

Most of the day was greased by a cold rain, leaden skies, and still water. I managed to be in a break between showers during my walk home and, atypically, cut up from Barrington to Argyle Street just short of Spring Garden Road. (Suffering from just a bit of a cold, I was seeking the least acute upslope between Barrington and home).

Argyle street is mostly lined with restaurants, the type doing heavy trade with tourists during warmer months. When we were here last summer, we noticed that the term “sidewalk cafe” has been reinterpretted here so that each business along that stretch could expand its dining room space to its frontage, while placing a temporary walkway into the street for pedestrians. Those walkways are now returning, as are the cables and other demarcations between restaurants along the permanent sidewalk.

These temporary walkways are different from frontage to frontage: brick-like tile, boards, other flooring material. They aren’t chintzy: their expanse into the street is almost as wide as the original sidewalk.

Another sign that winter is nearing an end–although snow is predicted for tonight.


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