I attended an event today that entailed homage to music and tv shows from specific bygone eras, specifically 2002, 1997, 1992, 1982, and 1972. All the music was familiar (and I was amazed that 1982 resonated so much!) and the tv show names were as well, but when it came to a trivial pursuit discussion of who played what role or which character predominated in any of the latter, I was clueless. But the fact was, every single one of them was a Hollywood production: Square Pegs, Partridge Family…shows that, extrapolating from the little I ever knew of them, now seem eminently more suited to here rather than there.

Gender politics here and now seem be from another era and I am continually surprised each time something is said or done that brings this to my attention (which is relatively frequently). Since I am hardly about to simply become accustomed to this, I wonder how I will eventually incorporate the dissonance, actually live with it without becoming it.

Today’s Bob’s last day of work in Berkeley. It’s been a busy week: we sold a house there and bought a house here, last Sunday, with the retinue of chores through the succeeding days that either of those deals requires–and with 3,400 miles and four time zones thrown in for spice. Neither sit com nor drama material, and nobody was chauvinistic in the proceedings.


One Response to “Retrospective”

  1. NHGal Says:

    It was so nice to finally chat with you today about Nova Scotia and Canada! After reading about your frequent visits to Henry House, I’ve decided that my hubby and I should visit there sometime for some fish cakes and beans (but that’s a whole other kettle of fish…) 🙂 See you around AG!

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