There are days I hit the wall (not most of them) and days the wall hits me (only a few), and this evening is of the latter variety….while the wall is brick, thick, and yards high.

When I’m tired, one of the vision issues visited upon me is how every third or fourth person looks familiar–not good enough when one is with a group one ostensibly “knows” and unsettling when walking down the street among supposed strangers. Oddly, this doesn’t ever happen with voices, only with faces. Is that intrinsic to my own hard-wiring (although I am usually more auditory than visual)?

This evening, as I plowed my way up the not-very-steep-but impossible hill, I’m sure I saw people from Boston and Berkeley, college and last year’s trip to Mendocino. And at least I am still alert enough to know that isn’t the case at all, it’s just exhaustion.


One Response to “Exhaus…t..e…”

  1. Sandy Says:

    I hope the people you thought you saw were at least people you liked.

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