Will Wednesday ever bite the dust?

It’s been a workweek of five Wednesdays, or a very close facsimile thereto. And, so far, the workweek’s been only four days long….

Having been out late–on work’s behalf–last night, I allowed myself a sleep-in all the way to 5:55 this morning, and then charged from bed to daytime with the sense that I’d let needed prep time escape. Last month, suechrystal and I were talking about our mothers–that is to say, each of us was fondly remembering attributes of the other one’s mother. In suechrystal’s case, she was reminiscing about how odd we had found it that my mother regularly began her day at 4:30 in the morning and how, she–Sue–now sees all the wisdom in that course of action.

The dramatic change in light from day to day makes that easy here. Already dawn is beginning when I usually rise at 5:45. By summer, I won’t be able to sleep past my mother’s rising time, I suspect.

And, by summer, this interminable, exhausting week will be history, perhaps remembered but no longer felt like a robe too heavy to carry beyond the one-more-day.


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