Spring with bounce for another day

My job kept me on the Halifax side of the harbour today, making me feel oddly space-bound, although I got outside more than on most workdays. The sun has increased, the air warm enough that my walk at two could occur with my coat unbuttoned. And, at that, it wasn’t the wool coat I’ve worn for months, but something lighter (albeit over an Elizabeth O jacket).

The streets are full of pedestrians, as though everyone knows that something so simple as a stroll can elevate the soul. Common sense, yes, but sense isn’t usually so common! Or is this the living proof of that older HRM slogan, that Halifax is “the smart city”?

Apparently this part of the world adds (in spring, loses in fall) 90 seconds of daylight a day. Because I had virtually no “travel time” on my evening commute, I discover that I don’t need artificial light yet here in my “study” (aka, the dining alcove). There’s still plenty of sunlight flooding the living room and filtering across to the far end of the apartment.

My downstairs neighbors, I see from the street, have taken down the snowflakes from their picture window. And there’s the olfactory arrival of spring in the building’s entryway: an unmistakable stink of well used sweatsocks….


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