Spring has sprung

The temperature nearly made double digits today, putting it a shade under 50 Fahrenheit and bringing out those who apparently “had to” don shorts to step into the sunshine. After a bleakly grey week, the sun itself is glorious–and the wind is damp enough that I am in no hurry to walk out without a jacket.

Just when I was beginning to think that I had the supermarket almost under control, they’ve switched goods in many of the aisles, leaving me attempting to rediscover the whereabouts of noodles. In doing so, I stumbled across a few oddities, including the fact that Solomon Gundy is sold bottled right across from the sushi chefs (who do not bottle their productions on the spot). Also nearby was a truly curious “special” in the form of smoked Pacific salmon. Here in the land of Nova….

I’ve worn through the bottoms of the walking oxfords with which I arrived in November. However, cobblers seem to be quite prolific (well, cobblers shops are quite prolific) here, so I’ve left them to get a new lease on life for just a dollar or two less than a new pair might have cost. Oh, well, I know that these are good ones, fitting just right and allowing for hours of sidewalk smacking.

The cobbler is next door to the dry cleaner, another type of shop that I seem to be virtually frequenting these days, dropping off things twice a month in order to keep up with the salt that collects at the ankles of wool trousers. On the other hand, I haven’t been to a pizza shop, video store, or clothing chain store in five months, although all the aforesaid are here and ubiquitous, and I have been known to visit all three entities back in the US. It’s as though my custom-profile has been revamped, a bit like travelling at Mach 8 and having your face reshape itself.


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