April showers

This morning dawned bright, warm, and smelling of apple blossoms–somewhere, I’m sure, but not here. Instead, snow that had fallen in the night was turning to boarding school style oatmeal on the pavement and the rain was falling without much energy. Fitting for April Fool’s Day.

Meanwhile, all the music in my life seems to have gone retro (not that I am complaining, just noticing). When I was in Berkeley 10 days ago, Kay was trying to impress upon my teenaged son that his devotion to the Eagles was remarkable given that her brothers, similar fans, have a couple scores of years each on him. Now, it appears according to today’s local paper, that the Eagles are going to do a concert in the Maritimes this summer–and John Fogarty, that El cerrito boy who made so good–is joining them for the event.

Everything old is new: rain, tunes…


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