Queen of hangers

During my first week in Halifax, nearly five full months ago, I bought a pair of rain shoes. They have served me quite nicely in slush as well as on icy mornings. This morning, in search of hangers for the warm weather clothes I’ve brought back from Berkeley, I headed over to Scotia Square, having struck out at the dollar store in ParkLane. En route to what I hoped would be hanger heaven, I stopped in the little shoe store from whence my rain shoes had come, this time with half an eye out for a new carryall for workdays (the one I bought in this same shop in November has weathered nicely but is black nylon, not exactly screaming “spring!”).

The clerk who greeted me took a quick look at my feet–I suppose all shoe clerks do?–and chirped “Size 8 and half, right? How have those worked for you?” Now, the fact that I recognized her as the same person who had sold them to me months ago is no great feat (!), because I really haven’t bought that many shoes since and she has an Eastern European accent that reminds me of another place and time in my life. But this is a pretty busy shop and I have to assume she sees hundreds of 8 1/2’s in any given week.

I told her what I was in the market to find on this occasion and she chatted about a recent trip she’d made with black luggage, the hazards of airline transfers and having few identifying marks and so forth. I found a great bag–the spring version (ie, with a green zipper and lining) of my laptop bag–and she was ringing up the sale when she let out an aha:

“I remember you, I knew I did! Have you met my old roommate? You’ve dyed your hair!”

Wow! Here is a person who doesn’t need any of those metaphoric mental hangers any time soon! When we had chatted back in early November, she’d told me that her roommate works at my then brand new job, a detail that escaped me that very day, I’m sure, until today’s conversation.

My little shopping spree netted me a Canadian History for Dummies book as well, But no nonmetaphorical hangers….


2 Responses to “Queen of hangers”

  1. SD Says:

    But have you dyed your hair? How curious!

  2. halifaxing Says:

    Who? me? hasn’t it always been black?

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