Righteous weather

It’s not clear whether my coworkers were more pleased–in a smug kind of way–or if the pleasure champ were I when the snow started falling at midmorning. It started shortly after I freely admitted to the warm temps, blue skies, and abundance of flora marking my past few days. And yet, I was almost relieved to see the snow, as though my little advance on spring would be paid by nature with a cessation to winter before I tire of it.

Whether not tiring of winter is a sin might be a question I could research in the week’s worth of local papers I have missed: today was the last in a series–front page no less–on the seven deadly sins.

Thanks to Carole’s suggestion, I was able to make inroads toward resolving my ongoing bread problem. Her suggestion also has a Biblical angle. I stopped by the grocery store this evening and indeed found Ezekiel 4:9 in the freezer. I do not believe Carole would steer me toward bad bread, so there is hope (and hope is a virtue, not a sin).

So, cheerful from my walk to the store in the slush, and cossetted by having actual bread in the house, I miss my friends back in Berkeley, but feel pretty darn at home here.


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