California idyll

The Haligonians of my acquaintance to date would all be pleased with yesterday’s weather here: barely hazy in the morning, a slightly cool breeze underneath the warm air, bright sun in the afternoon. Add to that the scent of new mown grass–LOTS of new mown grass–at the Marina, incredibly still water in the Bay, which was picturesquely dotted with sail boats…

But for me, the day was beautiful for its company: breakfast plans with Kay turned into first a visit from her not-yet-six-year-old son, with his suitcase full of wind up train and chocolate bunny. After we took him back home to his other parent, we went to Bel Forno (oh those espresso raspberry muffins!) and sat in a sunny window for yonks and yonks. On to the Marina and a walk around the repurposed garbage dump, which is now rolling green hills regularly populated by kite flyers. Kay named the various waterfowl for me, although I could recognize (on land) the red-winged blackbirds for myself.

In the afternoon, Bob took his first hike (so to speak) in a year or so. We drove up to Tilden, via Strawberry Canyon, stopping at Mineral Springs. A group of twenty-somethings loosely sprinkled with a few older and a few younger members, were having a cookout. One young man obliged us by taking our picture in the little eucalyptus grove where we married 18 years ago.

On to Inspiration Point’s paved trail and Bob walked more than a mile along it before needing to turn back. And along the way, I came out with one of my rather frightening misperceptions. Through the arc of some dark green boughs, I could see the round blue of what appeared to me to be the dome of a large tent. I called his attention to it. “Yes,” he said mildly, “that would be the sky.” Oh, those trick angles.

In the evening, we saw two thirds of our Linnard friends and got to hear grandly delivered stories of another high school senior’s experiences with the college application-and-waiting game. In this case, there was the extra stress bonus of Dean having to audition no fewer than eight times, four of them in a single week when he also happened to be sick. Happily, he clearly has recovered, now anticipating how to decide among his multiple and growing number of acceptances.


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