Sunday stroll

It’s turned out to be–so far–a stunningly beautiful day: lots of snow on the ground, of course, but warmish (around freezing), with generous sunshine and no wind. In short, a grand day out (although I may be Wallace without Gromit and this is Halifax, not the Moon).

I have reached the point that I am willing to get lost, without a map, knowing I can figure my way back to some place familiar. I headed south on Tower Road, crossed the railroad cut that has made a bit of news this past week, and kicked myself (figuratively) for not bringing along the camera. The street ends at Point Pleasant Park, which requires slightly better underfoot weather for an initial exploration.

I walked back along Tower Road for a block and turned onto Fays Lane, which I wouldn’t have noticed but for my haircutter’s tip. In fact, it doesn’t even show on the current Google street map, although most of the few houses along it appear to be about 100-125 years old. I cut through a snowbank and ended up on another little deadend that emptied onto Francklyn Street, which is famous for being ritzy. And, yes, it looks it.

The configuration of park, rail line, rise of the land, and residential streets reminds me, rather oddly, of Pacific Grove (over by Asylomar and the cemetery), although the houses here are full-sized, rather than replacements for Methodist camp tents.

Haligonians seem to be a relatively friendly bunch when out walking and this morning they were even cheerier than usual: I exchanged greetings with nearly a dozen during this neighborhood cruise. The only cruel moment was the barreling Number 9 bus that left my leg drenched in grey slush…but oh, well, that’s city life.


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