Permission to pass

Although my “luck” in airports is usually pretty abysmal when it comes to passing through security unflagged (and this long predates 9/11), my local travel today seemed to be marked by extraordinary approval. The work day started with a jaunt to Sackville, three of us in a car working against the flow of commute travel, and relatively unremarkable a journey until we were on Sackville Drive. At a point where there was neither traffic light nor stop sign for our direction, traffic was being halted on the two lane road, a pair of vehicles at a time. The fellow to our left was directed to turn right onto a small side road where a number of police cars had arranged themselves and apparently oral quizzes were underway. But we were given permission to drive on.

I have long noted “themes” to my day, but have always blamed this on early and lengthy exposure to nursery school curricula where themes were played out for seemingly eons on end–or at least whole weeks. In adulthood, happily for those of us who like to change it up pretty often, these themes seem less long lasting–and considerably more random. But I never recognize their onset and so I let the curious traffic intervention go from my mind…

…until I left work this evening, tramping merrily down to the ferry and flashing my Metrotransit pass for the Commissionaire. Now, one never “flashes” this at a Commissionaire: these people study the pass, no matter how often you pass at a given point. The first time I bought a transit pass here, being a person with less than acute eyesight when it comes to pastel writing on white ground, I failed to properly add my name (PRINT) and signature until a Commissionaire in the Halifax side ferry terminal spoke to me about my failing. I have been dutiful since…

But today wasn’t just about the regular careful once-over (because of today’s theme, you know). While the usual Commissionaire maintained his seat while looking at my pass, a second fellow stepped up briskly:

“May I see that more carefully, please,” he told me, rather than asking, even as he was removing it from my paw. “We’re doing a check today. We’ve had a lot of bad ones and yours is–good. You can go on now.”

So, today’s theme: checking the typical traffic flow. My place: permission to pass.


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