Circle of life

My dinner this evening turned out to occur in the midst of a wake, not exactly what anyone plans. Halifax being a rather casual city, I was struck by the fact that this evening virtually everyone seemed to be in suits, complete, for the most part, with exceedingly starched white shirts–except for the kilt wearers. And then the pipe skirling began…..If I could have fled, I would, not from fear or disgust but simply because it felt intrusive, but I was pressed upon to stay and given a quick precis of the state of affairs.

Which served to bring me up short on the long leash I’d taken for myself only this morning. Crossing the harbour then, I had just realized, for the first time since I’ve arrived here, that I’ve actually pinned a future activity as desirable–all the way next year. It was the ads for maple sugaring that showed up in the weekend papers, the realization that next year I can, in fact, hie myself off to enjoy such wholesome activities. Shades of childhood. Shades of Burton’s Maple Sugar Festival.

Brought up short by someone else having been brought up even shorter.


2 Responses to “Circle of life”

  1. Mary Burkey Says:

    Gosh, you brought back fond memories of the return of the buzzards as well! And shades of coincidence – read your post on my return from a wake…


  2. yvette Says:

    Maple sugaring! That sounds like such fun!

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