Roaring into daylight savings time

It’s a lion of a March day. Thunder woke me in the middle of the night and then lightning–so far away that there was no more thunder audible to me–kept me awake a while (the hazards of being with neither blinds nor curtains) but I drifted again when the late homecomers came laughing through the streets at 3 (which is the new 4).

Today’s been without precipitation but the gale is blustery to such a high tune that I scarcely would need to walk were I ever headed in the same direction it is blowing. As it is, I haven’t been even once, and so have got some fair amount of exercise through resistance. It’s delightful to be able to be abroad again!

This morning’s book review section covered a title that shows Henry House itself on the cover (many decades ago, however, with a horse in front of its porch). (See page 56 of the current Nimbus Publishing catalogue). I tracked the book down at Frog Hollow Books, hardly a painful task as this little book shop has real comeons in the way of displays that make my bibliographic heart tap dance.

And when I got back to my place, a most amazing scent met my nose in the third floor hallway: someone’s baking cookies–a first since I’ve been here! Must be the weather….


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