Local weather

The realization of the weekend weather forecast has been an understatement. Although yesterday afternoon and early evening brought considerable wind with a bit of snow, the precipitation turned to rain and the temperature dropped only enough to make slush of the result. As I worked in my “study” (purpose built as the dining alcove) this morning, I could hear the steady scraping of snow shovels. When I finally went out, shortly past 9, the sky was mostly clear and I had to restrain myself from rushing across the street to ask the woman who was working through the thin layer on her drive if I could take my hand to the clearing. (She was no older than I; it’s just that my hands itch to shovel snow again, perhaps a true sign of twisted sentimental memories?)

Along Queen Street, I spied a sweet little snow person, standing as though in greeting near the large complex on the southwest corner of Morris. One twig arm is extended straight out while the other is tilted up in a friendly wave. Traditionally articulated in three round sections, it stands about three feet, and sports a dark blue velvet cap and scarf combo. To pass it without smiling seems an impossibility.

My pass through the CBC Radio news this morning gave me new perspective on the diminutive size of my new stamping ground. A “Sunday story” there maps the effects of the ongoing schism in the Anglican Church. Reading the details I see that, not only have no Nova Scotian congregations defected in reaction to the lively topic of same-sex unions, but also learn that more than 10% of the Province identifies as Anglican, and–this is where I held onto my not-blue-velvet hat–the current population of the Province as a whole stands at under a million (although it is nearly 150,000 people larger than the city of San Francisco). I knew this, at some point, at several points, but seeing it in print always catches me by surprise.

The size of the land, on the other hand, always seems “right” to me, especially after years of California’s enormity. And in my 25 years on the West Coast, I never once saw a snow person there or felt the urge to shovel.


One Response to “Local weather”

  1. Cathy Says:

    I am curious to see if your feelings about the snow & shovelling might sound more like this, this time next year…



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