Not as wet as I should be

The predicted rainstorm had arrived by sunrise and continues still, more than an hour past sundown. It’s warm, generously rainy, but–most of all–windy windy windy. I’ve cheated on several hands: took the bus only a kilometre into my usual morning walk to the ferry, reneged on a plan to take a bus trip to Sackville in the afternoon, used the apartment’s basic public hallway carpeting that lines my living room floor as the place to open up my umbrella…not that the umbrella is all that wet, because the wind was so severe that I could scarcely maneuver with it open.

The Sackville cheat is the worst: I’ve been as good as I’ve ever been (which is pretty darn good) about getting places without a car. But that leads to the metaphorical water cheat:

I do need to get that driver’s license. Which, in my mind, is tantamount to swanning off the high dive. Low dive, no problem: I can move to a new place, a new job, a new country–all low dive. Driving? That is high dive material. And, in that regard, I am still coming up dry.

But today’s Sackville cheat is a good wake up call. I need to start climbing those steps up to the double story board.


One Response to “Not as wet as I should be”

  1. Glenn I Says:

    Just don’t get your mom to teach you. Mine flinched every time a car would go by in the opposite lane, clutched the armrest whenever I turned a corner, and gasped every time I hit the break (or yelped when she thought I wasn’t free enough with it). A professional driving instructor proved to be a blessing.

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