With some regularity, especially on weekends, and often at or near the grocery store on Queen, I see the limousine with the Lieutenant Governor’s license plate. (I know this because it says so, rather than offering up either an anonymous configuration of three letters followed by three numbers or even a “official” or “public employee” type of designation). Today, the driver–replete in cloth coat, white collar, and well-knotted tie, was parking and leaving it curbside a block from my place.

This sighting always reminds me of when I lived a block from then Governor Dukakis, a man famous–and infamous in some circles–for taking the subway rather than driving, and then walking, actually walking and unescorted, from the Brookline Village T stop home to Linden Street.

The one time I remember seeing Governor Dukakis in a car, it was his own–a middle aged Dodge Dart– and, coincidentally, at the local supermarket, where he nearly ran me over in the parking lot and then apologized to me in the produce section.

I’m guessing that the Nova Scotia Lieutenant Governor’s chauffeur doesn’t talk to near-misses at the grocery store. But then, I haven’t got in his path directly either.


One Response to “Governed”

  1. Bruce Coville Says:

    I remember seeing Mr. Dukakis on an airplane a few years after his failed presidential bid. He was riding in coach.

    Made me feel better about my own cramped seat . . .

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