Tech support

Last evening was a celebration of communications technologies–from book to phone to audio and video connections. Oh, the breadth of possibilities…..

I was keyed in to the weather news for much of the day because forecast of a snow storm had me in “official” mode. But the weather didn’t really arrive until late afternoon, by which time I had almost finished rereading Ariel Schrag‘s high school memoirs. Mostly self published a decade ago, and small published a few years ago, they are now about to come out (so to speak!) from an imprint of a major house.

The snow finally began a little before five, by which time I was stir crazy and also only two chapters from the end of Ariel’s junior year at Berkeley High School, so I bundled Potential up in an old bread bag and trundled off to Henry House. By the time I emerged, 45 minutes later, the snow was falling so fast and thick that my brown wool coat was totally white before I hit the bottom step and got to the sidewalk.

I’d had a date for a video chat with my son, so needed to make sure I wasn’t the one who was late. (This would be tech 3 in the list, once we’ve counted weather searching online and reading a printed book). But, being early, I moved on to tech 4, recording an audio clip for an upcoming Infopeople course….The appointed video chat hour came and went (and I ascertained that the mic on this computer truly is dead). But then the phone (tech 5) rang and it was, indeed, said son, apologetic and also glorying in the apparently fabulous weather Northern California was experiencing this past weekend. He was lunching at Bel Forno, after an almost vain attempt to take a run up to Grizzly Peak, stymied by the lack of fit between his reading of Google Maps and the terrain (tech 6).

Since I was fresh from finishing (again) Ariel’s bitingly acute and geographically precise gn, and he was already at Shattuck and Rose, I asked if he would mind hopping over to Walnut to see if her old house was still yellow (It’s not). Also, it was kind of bizarrely fun to stand at my living room picture window, staring into the night at the blowing snow while he walked across the Long’s parking lot complaining about the heat emanating from the pavement–oh, give me a break, it can’t be that hot in February!

All in all, the day left me being both amazed by and eternally grateful for all the ways to connect to and with others.


3 Responses to “Tech support”

  1. yvette Says:

    It was 65% yesterday, so yes, I was complaining too. Go, Fred!

  2. yvette Says:

    Sorry meant to type degrees, not percentages.

  3. Glenn I Says:

    Good ol’ Bel Forno.

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