Groundhog Day

The weather was really quite wild at dawn today–in Nova Scotia. Rain was being blown at a fair rate and the windows were shaking when I woke up (Saturday is my day to sleep in so I didn’t come to until light was trying to break through the black clouds). So, no big surprise that the local groundhog did not see a shadow.

However, south of the border down Pennsylvania way, the weather was fair enough that Phil did see his (or has been reported as seeing it by a human who saw it). And so, the cross border controversy begins! Or is it simply true that spring springs earlier in the Maritimes than in the Appalachian foothills???

One sad event communities in both countries are facing is the demise of the independent bookstore. in 2006, Berkeley lost Cody’s Telegraph store and not many months later, the new San Francisco store. (The Fourth Street store is still happening). The news came here this week that the Book Room, Canada’s oldest bookstore, is now closing after 169 years.

Independent bookstore culture is a little like the groundhog: prone to interpretation by outsiders, comfortable with being insular, and a forecaster of weather (albeit intellectual rather than climate). Unlike Phil or Sam, however, they rarely get a silly day to celebrate their mere existence.


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