These clever Canadians

There is a whole bunch of stuff to appreciate about folks here, but I keep being felled by new surprises. Most recently, it’s been Don Watt, a big time business guy who has designed such logos as the border-straddling Home Depot sign, and whose company has created branding, signage and wayfinding for a whole raft of commercial enterprises, like American Airlines. The thing that smacked me in the face, however, is that, just over forty years ago, he also conceived the design for the then-new Canadian flag.

I have vague memories of the old flag, and none of what I now realize must have been a really interesting–and very Canadianly polite–debate. And Don Watt appears to be still going strong….

Less political and not nearly so worthy of Harvard Business School attention, I am also astounded by the groundhog press that continues even before we get to February 2. Today’s paper contains a large article and an adorable “nose-in-the-camera” shot of the local rodent of the hour. The online version is good but doesn’t reach quite the pitch perfection of the paper edition.

And now I’ve been schooled on why it is that Shubenacadie Sam is indeed the most eastern groundhog. It seems that Newfoundland is without groundhogs, skunks, deer, snakes, or porcupines; coyote arrived only 20 years ago, but via the same method that other “natural inhabitants” of the large island have–aboard ice floes. Even the animals here seem to tend toward the clever.


One Response to “These clever Canadians”

  1. derivative Says:

    Even the moose crossed over on ice flows.

    (kidding. Nfld imported a small herd over a hundred years ago to serve as a local food source, and now are as much a part of the culture as a jig and reel. look into it – its a very interesting story.)

    You have a very nice blog. Interesting thoughts, and well-written.

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