To boot

After you ship the first bootful of slush on any given day, the pressure’s off for the rest of the walk. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it for now.

Overnight we had a bit of snow, but by the time I left home at 7 this morning, the precipitation had turned to frozen rain and the footing was actually pretty good–white and crusty and not slippery. During the day, the rain continued enough to melt some of the snow–except for the stacks created at most intersections by snowplows–but at some point the temperature had dropped enough to refreeze the slabs of ice that had been formed after the last snowstorm’s demise and following freezing week. By the time I got off the ferry after work, the rain was just rain and the footing had become a truly grotesque slop of ice, black water, and intermittent slush, which looked like the best of the options.

My plans to eat at Henry House last night had been foiled by the presence of a fire engine, lights flashing, on their doorstep and a very small crowd around the sidewalk in front of it then. So, I headed that way this evening–and got within a block before shipping the bootful of water, at an intersection that was flowing a good two feet deep. This was after avoiding the same fate as I walked along the Old Burying Ground‘s east side, where the sidewalk not only hadn’t been plowed or shoveled, but the groundwater from the cemetery is siphoned off via ducts that are currently mimicking a high pressure flow in a bathtub–right onto the sidewalk’s ice floes. Oh, well.

On the good news side of the equation, whatever happened at Henry House last evening was last evening, and all seemed well on this one….


One Response to “To boot”

  1. Pam Holley Says:

    Hipwaders might help…should I send you some? Pam

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