Dark before the dawn

In Little Nothings: The Curse of the Umbrella, Lewis Trondheim shares some of his experiences with hypochondria and courting bad luck that arrives in triple doses. Was it because I was fresh from reading this book that my life took a turn due south for a couple of hours last evening?

First came the minor annoyance of my internet connection crashing about every three minutes. Then, returning to the laundry room to move my sheets (my only sheets) from washer to dryer, I discovered that the dryer wasn’t working. Back upstairs, I checked to see if the call I was expecting from Infopeople had happened and found a message waiting (well, I had been away from the apartment for all of four minutes).

But it wasn’t Infopeople. For the second month in a row, my bank had put a stop on my rent check in an overzealous move because I had had to put stops on several other checks in December. Now I still owe the rent (paid with a new check last night) and a fee for the late payment of the rent. Attempts to rectify with the bank didn’t work last evening so that became a Friday chore.

During the minute that it took me to run the new rent check downstairs, another caller left voicemail. This one was bad news/great news. Bad news that I missed the call (and when I called back got no answer). Great news was that the caller was a librarian in California whom I’ve known since she was my 14-year-old student in Massachusetts. She doesn’t want to lose touch! Well, that’s a darn good thing, because she’s funny and interesting, and there aren’t many folks in my life whom I’ve known for more than 20 years.

Having sorted out the wet sheets, played tag with the wavering internet connection, and collected the phone call I was expecting from Infopeople, I settled in for a sumptuous couchside supper at about 8:30–an apple, some gouda, a fistful of carrots. No sooner had I settled than the phone rang again. This time it was Twila, with an invitation to supper…another night.

Keeping in mind that things generally look better in the clear light of morning, I took a murder mystery to bed–or what had to pass for bed given the state of the linen–and hoped for a clear dawn. Happily, there was: the internet was restored to a steady state, the bank worked through our issues, lunch was actually a cooked meal (albeit from the appallingly named Biscuit Lips). So, the klutz phase of the moon was blessedly brief, thanks be to?


2 Responses to “Dark before the dawn”

  1. Jackie Says:

    Clearly you missed the memo:


  2. halifaxing Says:

    Actually, this bit of news was all over the CBC last Monday, along with the declaration of International Hug Day. You might recall that last Monday, for you Statesiders, was Martin Luther King Jr Day and a work holiday. Here in Canada, it was, of course, a workday–one that came with people throwing their arms around each other when one least expected it. This would not be a way to start my week on the upbeat.

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