YHZ via IAD, with Hollister thrown in

Unexpectedly, but quite happily, I discover that coming back to Halifax from ALA is accompanied by a sense of getting home. I had a thoroughly grand time in Philadelphia (although, except for a few street scape pauses and delight in the local accent, Midwinter could have been in almost any city this year and I would have had a grand time): old friends, newer friends, discussions, the flow of ideas, opinions, observations from people whose senses of humor–and senses of justice, insight, skill–I know well enough to relax when in their company.


The work, of course, wasn’t relaxing and so I found a totally new way to become exhausted: work hard while feeling at home for the first time in months.  But that emotional and physical conundrum aside, I had every expectation of revisiting the homesickness that washed hard over me in mid-November once I was airborne.

But no! Instead, coming in for a landing late this afternoon, I looked down at the fresh snow and the bare trees and the darkening sky and caught myself smiling.


The flight from Dulles was only about 40 minutes late and that was due to de-icing and had been explained as we got behind schedule, so folks aboard weren’t crabby. It was a light load from Washington and, much to my relief, a bigger plane than the bitty one that housed my first leg of the trip from Philadelphia. As we’d been waiting at the gate in Dulles, for boarding to be called, I couldn’t help notice that fully 10-15% of the expectant passengers seemed to be suffering from that strange Hollister condition. Not only were Hollister sweatshirts and t-shirts in evidence, but one person even had a full sized shopping bag.  When I think of Hollister, what comes to mind is the only population center in San Benito County, California. It’s history as the site for motorcyclists run amok and into the imaginations of bad boys everywhere is colorful indeed. But these days, it’s small enough, and secluded enough, that you can’t overnight a packet there via UPS, even if you’re already in the Bay Area.

And also of course, these days, Hollister is means the slightly modest cousin of that formerly stuffy sportswear company that has gained new economic life by appealing to trend-lemmings. (There is no Hollister clothing store in Hollister, CA, by the way).

So, just a little confusion–geographically and nomenclature-wise–to spice up my otherwise quiet travel day. Hollisterians running rampant in IAD, en route to YHZ


One Response to “YHZ via IAD, with Hollister thrown in”

  1. Jackie Says:

    It’s a wonderful thing when you realize the new place has become home too.
    When speaking of Hollister it’s important to remember the creep.

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