Day two of Midwinter makes me realize that I have reached ultimate geek status: total pleasure is being surrounded by colleagues I haven’t seen in months but who are now completely present. Six months ago, in Washington, DC, among these same fine fellows, I stumbled onto my then-future, which is now my present:

Then…between committee meetings, some of us repaired to a bar. One committee group joined up with other former co-committee pals and I found myself sitting next to a complete stranger whose badge said she was from Nova Scotia. We struck up a conversation about librarianship, NAFTA, and the Maritimes. When we parted, we exchanged business cards and she scrawled a website on hers of a Canadian jobline…

Five weeks later I had a job offer…and six more after that I’m living in Halifax.

Now: I’m spending time with Vi, not in Berkeley, but with Vi-as-though-we-are-in-Berkeley.

Everything changes and everything is continuous. Heraclitus was right.


One Response to “Association”

  1. yvette Says:

    Please ask Vi to take a pic of your hair. Surely someone somewhere among the 35,000 librarians there has a camera cellphone, at the very least.

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