Canadian new year greetings

Not a gunshot or a firecracker hit the airwaves around me last evening. Only a few shouts at midnight from the street. Between 4 and 6 this morning, some all night revellers did seem to stumble upstairs in this apartment building, but that was the only unusual ambient noise.

Many more people are “oat and aboat” today than were in public on Christmas day. Although the closing laws have groceries and most stores shut, more than a handful of places seem to be open: drugstores, Dairy Queen, at least every other restaurant along Spring Garden Road.

The pavement is glassy again, although not as relentlessly as it was on Sunday, fortunately for the very drunk young man I met at about 11 am as he staggered around the corner of Queen and South Streets. He was still dressed in celebration finery, as were the four young ladies at Tim Horton’s on Barrington, although their clothing seemed more the worse for wear than he’d managed to maintain with his.

The public trash barrels weren’t overflowing–as they do after most weekends–and I came upon only one champagne bottle (busted across the broad and shovelled sidewalk on South Street, across from the VG campus of the QEII Hospital) and four beer bottles (two broken and two whole) in the whole of my hour and half walk.

When I got home, the whole building smelled of much cooked cabbage, a food which I do like but which I am unprepared to whiff in institutional-sized doses. Happily, my apartment door seems to exclude smells better than it does hallway revelry.

Happy 2008 from Halifax!


2 Responses to “Canadian new year greetings”

  1. Jackie Says:

    Happy New Years, Francisca!

    Jackie, in sunny and warm (75 degrees) Ventura

  2. Sandy Says:

    Hope your New Year is a very happy one!

    Sandy (who does not miss ice a bit)

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