Snow in time

 I seem to have been bitten by the Canadian (or is it Nova Scotian? Or Maritime?) Christmas indolence bug that infected others here weeks ago. Already given half Monday and all day Tuesday and Wednesday off from work by dint of the place being shut for Christmas Eve, Christmas, and then Boxing Day, I have taken off today as well. The 24th and 26th were the quietest city days I remember ever experiencing. Everything was closed on Christmas Day except gas stations and a couple convenience stores. Boxing Day saw the reopening of only some restaurants. A good thing that our Christmas stockings had been stuffed with snacks.


Wednesday night, on the way to the theatre, we had our choice of four eateries downtown (out of the customary couple dozen). We went for the Economy Shoe Shop. Bob and I ahd been in the bar there last summer (and the Rolling Stones had done the same the previous summer, we’re told) but the dining room portion of the place has the most extraordinary decoration: full sized, autumn leafed “oak trees” made of something along the lines of papier mache and silk, full sized, and very realistic in the glow of the “street lamps.”


The weather had steadily warmed since my family’s arrival, reducing the snowy streetscapes outside first to ice and then to a few dirty mounds of plowed ex-snowbank. Happily, especially for my son who has a hankering for winter scenes, the weather turned again yesterday, and after some freezing rain, snow fell again. This morning it’s still clean and decoratively coating tree limbs and roofs as well as blocking sidewalks where the Chistmas indolence bug still rages full force among shovellers (but in front of other houses, the cleared walks speak to sterner stuff among those householders).

But, in keeping with his age and the length and difficulty of his trip, he sleeps in today. Bob, too, sleeps on. Indolence or acculturation? Well,as lng as they wake up in time to believe there’s clean snow here.  


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