Another day’s wait

Here in Halifax, we are having our second gorgeous day in a row:  sunshine, slightly warmer temp.  The holiday spirit which has infected seemingly everyone across the past month is still in full bloom, so even errors (coffee shop opening late, empty prawn display at the supermarket) are met with good cheer by those who, I can imagine, might be sharper tongued in other times and definitely in other places.

To my own diappointment, my family is missing today’s good weather and tomorrow it’s supposed to rain.  My family, however, probably doesn’t care about impending rain at the moment.  The flight they were supposed to take from SF last night didn’t happen and so they spent the night–well, until 3 am their time–bunkered in an airport hotel.

Meanwhile, their luggage apparently did depart for Boston.  The drill, they’ve been told, is that they can complete some forms once they arrive in Halifax (scheduled for nearly midnight tonight) and then the luggage will be sent up from Boston “later.” Bob, who has lived through this extension of coming to Halifax-minus-luggage the last time he travelled here is probably swearing a blue streak very very quietly.

So, my day’s plans take a small detour: I’m now off to buy changes of clothes for them and have already indulged us in a dozen new drinking glasses as this is a family who breaks glasses frequently even when everyone’s at his or her best. Oh, the course of family reunions never runs smooth….

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