Elizabeth the mermaid

In the pedway at Alderney Landing there is a wonderful statue that makes me smile every morning and evening as I pass.  A fiberglass mermaid, about 6-8 feet in length, is posed jauntily on her left side,  arm extended above her head, a nice curve to her torso and tail.  Her blue hair–studded with Van Gogh Starry Night whorls–streams out to her right.  Across her shoulder is a jaunty Nova Scotia tartan, belted at her waiste and with a dagger slid through the belt.  Best, however is the end of her tail:  it’s a red maple leaf.  Elizabeth arrived some time between my September visit and November move, but her sign didn’t catch up with her until about 2 weeks ago.  It seems she comes from Norfolk, VA, and that Norfolk is Halifax’s sister city.  Elizabeth is named for the Elizabeth River, in Norfolk, but is one of a pair of sculptures, the other being Peggy the Lobster, left in Virginia. When the Christmas decorations started going up like mad in the Alderney Landing building, I worried that someone would throw a wreath around Elizabeth’s neck in a fit of overexuberance.  Happily, decorum has been maintained, and although she currently has a wreath behind her, hung on the south window of the pedway, Elizabeth remains floating free. 


2 Responses to “Elizabeth the mermaid”

  1. Pam Holley Says:

    As I read about Elizabeth, I wondered if she was from Norfolk. As you may remember, we used to live at Virginia Beach which abuts Norfolk and these mermaids are everywhere in both cities–I think they’re wonderful. And everytime I fly out of the Norfolk/Va Beach airport, there are mermaids to wave farewell and welcome me home. However, I did not know that Halifax was a sister city to Norfolk–another reason for a visit! Pam

  2. halifaxing Says:

    Good to hear that the reasons are becoming compelling, Pam! And Elizabeth is a real beauty as she swims in front of the window over the railroad tracks.

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