oh blessed and cursed deliveries

So, here’s the score on the fire engine, the crowd, and the hoopla upon my return to the office yesterday….It seems that here (as opposed to the there of Berkeley or other US cities where I’ve experienced fire drills), part of the drillness of fire drills is that the fire dept shows up and checks to make sure everyone behaved appropriately during a drill.

Which explains the presence of the fire engine. The building where my office is located also houses a variety of Halifax Regional Municipality (hereafter HRM) offices, a large branch of the public lbirary, a couple shops, and a restaurant called Biscuit Lips (which, I’m told, was named for a cow). Fire drills in this complex are conducted during business hours and so the assorted masses waiting in the sub-zero (centigrade) afternoon included those members of the public who had chosen that time to visit any of the HRM offices, the library, or the lotto booth in the entryway….

The all clear came a few minutes after I arrived on the scene and we all tumbled back into place in under 10 minutes.

Within moments of getting shuffled back into a semblance of Friday afternoon order, I looked up from my desk to see a beaming coworker headed my way, her arms full of…be still my heart…my monitor! Or at least what is left of my monitor.

The box is beaten into the approximation of Jello and there was a hole in its bottom. I reached through the hole but detected no shards of broken plastic or dripping plasma, so hope springs (although not with terric force) eternal….

However, I didn’t want to unwrap it completely there and then because I still needed to tow it home. As the office staff was headed to a Christmas party across the harbour in Halifax that evening, a coworker offered to put it in his trunk and deliver it, with me, home to the South End post party.

While we waited for one or another woworker to change into party clothes, before hitting the road for the party, someone called attention to the fact that I had never actually completed the opening of the Klinq! carton after discovering that it was destined for Wilmette in Mississippi. One fellow in the office decided that he couldn’t stand the fact that it had sat there unopened and took shears to bubble wrap, opened the interior carton and….

What to our wondering eyes did appear but something far different from a heart shaped pewter deskside/bedside carafe! Indeed, the interior wrapping held four lovely soup plates. So Klinq! seems to have erred only in their paperwork (and phone manners) and not their actual packaging. Oy vey! Now I have to call them and try to straighten out that hiccup. Perhaps this will teach me to open packages all the way–but I doubt it.

Given the destination for the evening, the soup plates are spending the weekend in my office, but the monitor is now home and soon (I promise, SOON) I shall open the carton to see what’s left of it.

But first, I must build the kit computer table….


One Response to “oh blessed and cursed deliveries”

  1. Pam Holley Says:

    Does the monitor work? Pam

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