Signs and posters

Last night, when I crawled in through the sleet and slush, I was shocked back into something akin to my senses by the fact that the hallways in my building had been repainted. Like my elemenatry school, these halls had been painted two tone, neither hue particularly noteworthy. Suddenly, the half below what might have been the chair line were we discussing a room, was blood red.

Tonight that’s been rebutted: I’ve come home to white on the lower half and some unremarkable beige above. Twila herself has been pushing the paint roller and she’s annoyed. Among the causes for her annoyance is the fact that her long anticipated departure from here to Ontario has been put on hold yet again. Only Saturday night she was glorying in her impending departure this Thursday, into the arms of a job waiting in Ontario…but that is not to be yet. At least, she DOES get to go to Ontario Thursday and she won’t miss the Bon Jovi concert, BUT then she’s returning for another two months. It reminds me of boarding school terms and the girls who always dreamed of specific, but ever unreliable, freedom times….

Every morning and evening I take the ferry from Halifax to Dartmouth and I’ve become intrigued by the posters and flyers covering the single concrete post in the terminal on each side of the harbour. These posts do have bulletin boards on each of their four faces, but the enthusiasts of information purveyance “color outside the lines,” so to speak.

The postings hanging on every available bit of pillar real estate range from highly produced, full color announcements of single performances of “A Kilted Christmas,” the run of Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas,” YMove (a youth employment and empowerment program), and a Paul Anka concert. Then there are the slightly less glossy ads for Mac Trainer and for DJ Afrika Bambaataa. There’s a plaintive note from a fellow who wishes he’d given a former friend more space when she said she needed it some years ago (that’s on the Halifax side) and handbills for missing persons (different people on the two sides of the harbour).

There’s a huge poster for Montrealdanse and LOTS of postings announcing the performance of Beckett’s “Krapp’s Last Tape.” It’s all way more sophisticated than the handbills that cover light poles in Berkeley–home of the posted lament and declaration–without losing any of the funky flavor and activisim those impart (but I shan’t ennumerate the issues here, at least not now, it being late).

Other reading material abounds in the ferry terminals, and reflects similarly catholic possibilities. There are stacks of the bimonthly Touch Base, a tabloid style paper targeting immgrant readers. And there are stacks of the public library’s Guide, a glossy publication describing events, services, and more about the system. There are more prosaic selections, too: real estate brochures, top 100 CD lists.

I don’t think for a moment that Twila has seen any of the possibilities here, so eager has she been to get away for the past four months. But she’s not bitter or angry in her disappointment and she already promises to bounce back. Besides, in the upcoming 10 day absence, I’m sure the building here will develop fix-it needs only she can remedy–crooked lines on the laundry room walls, mailboxes in need of new and accurate labeling (mine says “Jones”). I think Samuel Beckett would enjoy Twila; i know I have come to.


One Response to “Signs and posters”

  1. Pam Holley Says:

    Do you write all these observations down in one of your “little notebooks?” I have picked up this habit from you and now carry a little notebook in my purse so that I can jot down all the restaurants in which we eat. I’m especially trying to write down those in other cities as it’s not hard to remember the few that are on the Eastern Shore. Pam

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