Almost home

The temperature dipped low enough over night that the rain turned to snow. Although it left just a confectioner’s dusting along the curbs and rooftops, it still looked picturesque in the blue sky of morning. As the morning progressed, there were intermittent flurries—no more sticking and the wind is blowing fairly strong, but it’s pretty.

At just past noon, I’ve already had an expeditious day, managing to gather so many creature comforts that it’s enough to make me think I’m home:

First off was the walk to Staples, on Gottingen Street, the far side of downtown. It turns out that this is really only a 20-minute hike from my place, along Lucknow to Fenwick, to Queen, to Spring Garden, to Brunswick, past the Citadel and, it turns out, past my old favorite Halifax Alehouse, where I still need to collect another portion of moules et frites.

Staples promised to be my savior in the computer desk and chair department and so it seems they will be, with delivery scheduled for Tuesday. That of course poses the grand assumption that I shall someday be reunited with my monitor….

Coming back I collected all sorts of small but exciting oddments: a case for my brand new monthly transit pass, a few small Christmas presents, packets of real miso soup.

Today’s newspaper (here the Saturday paper is the big one and even has the color comics Americans won’t see until tomorrow) carried a large piece on the prediction that this winter will be Canada’s coldest in 15 years. No unusual snow amount is forecast to accompany the lower temps and readers were abjured to be glad because cold Canadian winters are good for the Canadian economy.

In other news, there was yet a third piece this week on donairs. Apparently, the Nova Scotia tourist board is attempting—and succeeding—in making Blue Noses who live elsewhere homesick by placing billboards in cities further west that say simply “Donairs” above an arrow pointing east. Um, sorry. I’m a CFA (someone who Comes From Away).


3 Responses to “Almost home”

  1. Glenn I Says:

    You said Halifax wasn’t cold! Sounds like the weather itself has abjured* your assertion. Happy Hollies! 😉

    *formally reject or disavow a formerly held belief, usually under pressure

  2. Sandy Says:

    Frites I know. But what are moules?

  3. Francisca Says:

    Moules are steamed mussels. Waht they are steamed with can vary from creqm to wine to god knows what other options. At the halifax Alehouse, there is a terrific wine and tomato broth and the moules et frites comes altogether for about $6 for a half kilo. At Henry House, I’ve been indulging in moules sans frites and that works just fine, too.

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