The mail isn’t exactly pouring in, but much of it seems to come with some level of difficulty—or at least hoops to jump through. FedEx attempted to deliver something to my residence, but they couldn’t find a place to leave it or anyone to sign for it so they left me one of their Dear John doorhangers (plastered to the glass door, not hung on its handle) promising they would return with it “before 5 pm” on any weekday. That is to say, a time when I can guarantee never to be available to receive it.

Faint of heart, I phoned the number on the doorhanger and was amazed to learn that they would have no trouble delivering it to my work address instead. There was a little verbal pas de deux as we tried to work out what that work address is, as in my excitement I managed to insert six or seven extra syllables into the street name.

But, good as promised, the package arrived in my office. It was big (but light) and engendered enough coworker curiosity that I opened it more directly than is my usual want. The sender was a store (?) named Klinq, of which I have never heard. Which might be explained by the revelation of the packing slip’s data. Some poor soul by the name of Wilmette is expecting this package in Mississippi. (Confusing NS for MS makes a little sense, but Halifax isn’t Jackson and a zip code’s configuration is a very distant cousin to a postal code’s, but whatever…).

I did not press through the bubble wrap and gift box, of course, but the packing slip also provided some sense of what I am not getting: it is described as a “pewter heart deskside/bedside carafe.” I am not clear on what that would look like (although Klinq’s website would, no doubt, let me in on it all).

Now, was I supposed to receive something from Klinq? Perhaps they will answer my phone call or email—although no response as yet from either angle. Or perhaps this is one of those sweet mysteries of life about which some sages write. In any event, Wilmette’s deskside/bedside carafe (a carafe made of pewter and shaped like a heart?) has a temporary residence in an office in NS.


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