Klunk, part II

Klinq did return my phone call but the news was mixed. Because I have no idea what was ordered to be sent to me, by whom, or even IF any such order was placed, they won’t be looking into that end of the confused delivery. The news for Wilmette is a bit better: because the magical 8-digit order code required by Klinq for them to find lost or misguided orders appears on the packing slip, they will send her a new deskside/bedside carafe.

Then we negotiate how I am going to get the one I now have in possession back to them. My name is taken, but my surname seems to be a challenge and requires me to spell it 16 times; she’s not having trouble understanding the individual letters but rather the syllables I presumptuously declare they form. I’ve already told her that the box has arrived in Canada, but she seems to be cool with sending me a return label and having me get FedEx to pick it up.

And then the penny appears to drop. “CANADA?!” she interrupts me to shriek. “Did you say that you’re in Canada? Well, just forget it! Just keep it! Consider it a Thanksgiving present. Oh, my goodness. You’re in CANADA?!”

I don’t need to reply because she has disconnected with so much haste that I might have just announced that I’m a stalker calling from the next cubicle over. Oh, well. And now I have a pewter deskside/bedside heart carafe…..


2 Responses to “Klunk, part II”

  1. Yvette Says:

    Well, sometimes life sends you a little present. Looks like you can’t turn this one down, no how. Did you say you were in CANADA???!!

  2. A telephone sort of night « To Halifax and Gone Weblog Says:

    […] an exact duplicate of the response I got when I tried to return the misaddressed package to Klinq, way back when my hair looked […]

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